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Peter Stasek Architects - Corporate Architecture

Volunteer Experience

Member of The Grand A' Design Award Jury Panel

A' Design Award & Competition, Como, Italy

Dates volunteered Feb 2015 – Present







A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s first design award and competition that has been actively developed in order to create value for designers, artists, architects and companies who take part in the event i.e. A’ Design Award and Competition promises prestige, fame and recognition to the winners of the A’ Design Accolade.


Moderator at "Arch In Case" Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dates volunteered 2017 – Present, Volunteer duration 2 yrs

Cause Arts and Culture






Arch. In Case is a unique case of architecture and its spatial interior design content that becomes an environment of ideas that inspire human and make him live, and take him to a spiritual world....We believe that: Beauty is a live architectural case in the space and the time. The future of imagination doomed by the vision, talent, sense of the artist who will never rival anything.



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